Design Development

BAUMANN’S four industrial designers allow for full integration of the clients design to the final fabrication and installation. Our extensive manufacturing, fabrication and installation experience coupled with a sound understanding of materials, custom fabrication and rapid 2D CAD drawings and 3D modelling gives us the ability to assist architects, interior designers and builders with their design.

Site Surveys

BAUMANN offers site surveys and documentation for design and installation of its ceilings. We will meet with the designer and builder and help co-ordinate all trades around the installation.

Rapid Quotation

Our dedicated design team allows for fast quotation and budget pricing depending of project complexity and volume. Additionally, fast 2D CAD design detailing is completed with most quotations for assistance in qualification.We are capable in providing a scaled prototype of the nominated design for sign off. Additionally parts can be 3D printed to enhance detailing and undertsanding of complex designs.


As part of our services at Baumann we understand that custom fabrication needs attention to detail from all angles, this is why we also install our products. We will often be part of the whole design process with the client and this should not be lost when it comes to the delivery and installation of the project. Baumanns installation team will assist together with project managers to install the project as intended.