BAUMANN’s design team, in conjunction with CRONE Partners, assisted with the design development of 2.4km custom fins and custom perforated ceiling tiles in the lower levels of Greenwood Plaza. Through careful planning and staging, BAUMANN transformed what was an acoustically poor thoroughfare into a bright space with a dramatic feature ceiling.


BAUMANN was the nominated company to install 1300Lm of custom fins and a 300lm veneered ribbon with an integrated LED.
Through prototyping and design development, BAUMANN fabricated and installed an impressive custom ceiling feature that made an incredible statement in this mall.


This “ART” piece was a complex project with over 650 unique custom cut and painted MDF fins. Located next to Chatswood station this normal lobby entrance was transformed into a dramatic and spectacular ceiling art work. Through careful planning and project management BAUMANN executed this project on time without delay.

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